The couch is back in 2022 and we’ve lined up the best in the business… for your business.

Don’t miss your opportunity for a complimentary one-on-one business consultation with our experts; The Life Style Edit, The Lotco and TalkShop Retail.

With their vast experience consulting on retail, wholesale, pricing, marketing, sales and so much more, get the insights and advice you need to move your business to the next level in our bespoke 45 minute sessions on The Business Couch.

Gemma Ostroburski & Sarah Quinn – TalkShop Retail

The online opportunity- Level-up your retail game - Learn how to transform your shop into a destination

At TalkShop we believe in upskilling and empowering business owners. In having this understanding, you will feel more confident and more in control of your business, which helps you to make faster decisions. We love unearthing unique businesses and we can't wait to share our 40 years of retail knowledge and expertise with you.

In your 45 minute session, you will discover actions to kick start your store's purpose, values and strategies to ultimately increase sales and visibility. This session is for retailers who have a fashion or lifestyle shop either physical and/or online and who want to do the work to unpack what is unique about their business so that they can make it a destination.



Heidi Albertiri, The Life Style Edit

Marketing in the New Age

The Life Style Edit manages a range of digital media services for our clients including social media management, strategy and business development and more. We will work side by side with you to make an impact, with our out-of-the-box and unique offerings.



Mel Robins, The Lotco

Business Strategy & Sales Tools

The Lotco offers business coaching, consulting and advice for retail stores, wholesale brands, start-ups and more, helping brands grow, strengthen and evolve. I love to help, mentor, coach and inspire those on the journey to create a brand or retail space, and income from their passion. I love working with those in business whether it is a small homemade item or fashion brand that has been running for 15 years.