We sat down with Deborah Mott, Executive Director of ZAKKIA, makers of beautiful, timeless heirloom quality homewares and lovers of good design.


Tell us a bit about the story behind your brand, your inspiration, the meaning behind your practice, your brand mission.
ZAKKIA the brand produces beautiful timeless heirloom quality pieces, our inspiration comes from the love of handmade products, our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place through good design.


What sets your brand apart from homewares brands?
Our brand is unique in its design of simple handmade pieces


What is your favourite product and why?
Burlap is my favourite collection of products.  I made the products from a memory I had of lino printing in school.  I just loved the texture of the lino pieces that we caved out, so smooth on one side and then the feel of the hessian on the other side.  The smell was also something very unique.  It is funny where inspiration comes from.


What were the first steps you took to launch? And what would you say was the scariest part/your biggest fear?
Zakkia started very small, I have been part of its journey now for 4 years taking the business to a new level has been challenging yet rewarding.  The scariest part is keeping the brand inline, there are so many opportunities, it’s sometimes hard not to get led down the wrong path!


What do your customers love about your brand/product?
Everything! The quality, our service, our focus, and our attention to detail.


What path led you to Life Instyle and what is it about the show that makes it a great fit for you?
It was a continuation of the brands success, Life Instyle is a good fit as the Fair is full of like-minded businesses who are making beautiful unique products. Many collaborations have come from meeting people at Life Instyle.


Can you share one of your proudest moments in business so far?
The ability to be able to reproduce my mom’s knitting, the Mom Throw is really something that I am proud of.  My Mom has knitted all her life and to be able to manufacture her patterns to distribute around the globe is so rewarding.  Not many people are able to do this. 

What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?

To never ever be complacent.

Who is your dream stockist?

Louis Vuitton – I feel the Mom Throw is worthy of being part of their collection.  I want to make them for them, I think they would promote them as a picnic blanket… 


Where do you see Zakkia in 5 years’ time?
Widespread in the UK and USA

What is your next dream travel destination?
Dallas Texas

Tell us a fact about yourself that will surprise our readers!
I have actually landed in Amman Jordan in the cockpit of a commercial airliner!! Sat right behind the Co-pilot! And I’ve called my Mum in England from King Hussein of Jordan’s Holiday Palace in Aqaba.

Favourite dinner recipe?
I love BBQ Salmon (skin on) with a simple Rocket, Red Onion and Organic Feta Salad and a side of Whole baked Vine Ripened Tomato.  With just a crack of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Delicious!


Meet ZAKKIA at Life Instyle Sydney 2022, 19-22 February.