Gifts can be tricky to get just right. At Life Instyle, we’ve curated a list of gifts we love perfect for the traveller in your life, your work bestie, the first-time parent or the conscious guru… OR if you want to spoil yourself this Christmas! Check out our top picks for Christmas from a few of our favourite exhibitors! 


Always on a new adventure, gram full inspiration, organised, space-conscious and
always on the hunt for a new travel bud. 

Emma Kate Co. 
Leather Travel Wallet Clutch

RRP: $129 AUD

Henk Berg Leather
Benjamin Backpack

RRP: $348 AUD

A6 memobottle

RRP: $39.98 AUD

Cloth & Co. 
Pants: Classic Track Pant

RRP: $110 AUD

Melis Perfumery
Amandi Roll-on Perfume

RRP: $129 AUD

Bag all
'To Wear' Travel Packing Bag

RRP: $23 AUD


Whether you have worked together for years or are new desk besties, these are the
gifts to elevate your space and your friendship.

Speckle Mug

RRP: $48 AUD

16 oz Cup

RRP: $34.99 AUD

Fox & Fallow
Floribunda Desk Calendar

RRP: $24.95 AUD

Journey of Something
1000 Peice Puzzle

RRP: $58 AUD

Olieve & Olie
Wash and Cream Set

RRP: $40 AUD

Erin Lightfoot
Dark Room Boat Vase

RRP: $90 AUD


Perhaps a first-timer, or a seasoned professional, these are the gifts every parent needs!

Dukes + Duchesses
Caramel Stripe Unisex Overalls

RRP: $59 AUD

Tiny Harlow
My Darling Valentine Audrey Pram

RRP: $259 AUD

Willow by the Set
Baby Shower Set

RRP: $180 AUD

Nana Huchy
Puggle Echidna

RRP: $33 AUD

Belle & Co. Living
Pink Storage Cases

RRP: $129 AUD

Pop Ya Tot
A Little Post Swaddle

RRP: $36.95 AUD


Minimal waste gifts with a purpose, these are the environmentally-conscious presents
of the year.

Hanami Cosmetics
Natural Black Mascara

RRP: $35.95 AUD

Linen Sheet Set

RRP: $270 AUD

Stainless Steel Bento Box

RRP: $42.95 AUD

A Beautiful Weirdo
Eco-Friendly Body Glitter

RRP: $16 AUD

Honeybee Wrap
The Kitchen Starter Pack

RRP: $27.00 AUD

Personalised Water Bottle

RRP: $35.90 AUD