Life Instyle sat down with Julie Mathers, CEO of Snuggle Hunny to discuss her bespoke collection of organic swaddles, clothing and accessories for all those snuggly moments in a child's journey!

You recently acquired Snuggle Hunny. Can you tell us a little more about this next chapter?
I founded a business called Flora & Fauna in 2014 and I sold F&F last year and decided to exit in Feb this year (that was a very tough decision). I love building and evolving brands and I’ve known the Snuggle Hunny Team for years – I used to work with Tom from Snuggle Hunny 13 years ago! We stocked them at F&F and I knew there was magic in the brand and the products are exceptional quality – they are my go-to for my two boys. On hearing Snuggle Hunny was up for sale I was really keen to be part of future Snuggle Hunny and to help grow the brand and create more magic. We bought Snuggle Hunny in Feb and I’ve been running the business and seriously getting under the hood and being a very big sponge for the last few months. It’s really exciting.

Do you have any grand plans?
In summary we want to do more. I’m very focused on sustainability and am doing a lot of work to incorporate that into every facet of Snuggle Hunny. We have also been building out our amazing team and it is really humming as we’re all very excited. We have lots of things happening at the moment so watch this space over the next six months….and beyond!

What sets your brand apart from others in the industry?
I never compare; I always focus on what we do and do it well. We really focus on celebrating bub and parents everyday. This could be our beautiful organic swaddles being part of the birth announcement (how special is that) or a baby taking their first steps in one of our growsuits. We’re so honoured to be part of a baby’s journey and start in life. 

What is your favourite product and why?
There are some amazing ones to be launched soon that I love but I have to say the shorts and pants. I have two baby boys – a 2 and 3 year old and the pants are perfect on them – great quality, hardwearing and also fit over their reusable nappies (not all pants do). Match them with a Lion bodysuit and they are the smartest bubs in day care.

Also, I love our newly launched Snuggle Bunnies! My oldest baby loves their long ears and they are great for sensory play.

What do your customers love about your products?
The quality, design, fit and that they are a little bit different. We’re constantly innovating and helping parents, grandparents, and all caregivers celebrate those snuggly moments with bub – we’re part of the journey in creating memories. 

What path led you to Life Instyle and what is it about the show that makes it a great fit for you?
I’ve been to Life Instyle many times when I was at F&F as a retailer. I found it invaluable in discovering beautiful brands so I wanted us to be discovered too. It’s a really well organised event; you’ve pulled a great community together!

Can you share one of your proudest moments in business so far
Whichever business I’m working in whether it’s Snuggle Hunny, Flora & Fauna or another, it’s when the team have wins and get as excited about the future as me. We have a beautiful team and they are kicking goals and it makes me very proud and also very happy to be working with them every day. Work should be fun, interesting and you should feel like you’re moving forward and achieving – it’s way better when you do it as part of a team. We’ve just finalised our collection for SS 22 and it is amazing – we’re all high fiving on it. And we’re now well stuck into AW 23 and beyond. 

What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?
About 12 years ago my then boss said to me ‘Julie you should be spending 20% of your time networking’. At the time it didn’t mean a lot to me but now I absolutely understand. Having great friends, buddies, and contacts in the wider industry has been so helpful. This is where you give and help others and you get it back in bucket loads. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but also be prepared to share and help others too. We’ll all grow if we help each other. 

Quick Fire Questions

Where do you see Olieve and Olie in five years' time? 
Driving change around the globe!

What is your next dream travel destination? 
Well, I love Lord Howe Island but we’re going to Fiji in August (and I’ve never been) so I’m excited about that. This is the first proper holiday Tom (hubby) and I have been on in 6 years.

Tell us a fact about yourself that will surprise our readers! 
I have run 9 marathons and am running my tenth in October. I also have a pet pig – can’t resist that one!

Favourite dinner recipe? 
Tofu Katsu Curry


Find your perfect piece from Snuggle Hunny's bespoke collection of organic swaddles, clothing and accessories at stand 1202K at Life Instyle Melbourne, 28-31 July 2022 at the Royal Exhibition Building. Registration is now open.