We sat down with Sean Atme, director of Made By Fressko, to talk all about reusable cups, flasks and accessories!

Tell us a bit about the story behind Made By Fressko. What was your inspiration and your brand mission?
The brand started in 2014 with our original and flagship double walled glass infusers. This was created as plastic bottles were dominating the market and a new solution for reusable drinkware was desperately needed. We believed we could do it better and made by Fressko was born.

Soon after, our reusable coffee cups and stainless steel ranges were released to battle single use drinkware and to compliment the rest of our reusable range.

What sets your brand apart from others in the industry?
Quality of our products, made by Fressko 2-in-1 infuser which allows the user to drink multiple types of beverages from 1 flask. I.e., Steeping Tea, fruit waters, water.

What is your favourite product and why?
Our Camino 12oz reusable coffee cup. Easy to use and clean and keeps my coffee hot for hours.

What were the first steps you took to launch? And what would you say was the scariest part/your biggest fear?
Launching the business was exciting and a lot of work. For any new business, the foundation has to be concrete in order for the business to propel forward.

You’re always playing see saw with cash flow.

What path led you to Life Instyle and what is it about the show that makes it a great fit for you?
We do quite a few international trade shows already. Made sense to exhibit in our own back yard.

Can you share one of your proudest moments in business so far?
Proudest moment was being able to hire staff.

What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?
Trust in your ability to achieve and never put the cart before the horse.

What is the big-picture goal for Made By Fressko?
Saving our planet from single use drinkware and coming out with quality and functional products that people want to use.

Quick Fire Questions

Where do you see Made By Fressko in five years' time? 
Hopefully making more of a difference and getting our message out there to more people.

What is your next dream travel destination? 
Anywhere hot!!

Tell us a fact about yourself that will surprise our readers! 
I'm a Star Wars nerd.

Favourite dinner recipe? 
Vodka Pasta

Find the perfect resuable accessory from Made By Fressko on stand 1012 at Life Instyle Melbourne, 28-31 July 2022 at the Royal Exhibition Building. Registration is now open.